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  Elysian Religious Statues and Figures for Your Sanctuary
Prayer Gardens - Memorials - Mausoleums
  Elysian craftsmen approach the creation of religious statues and figures seriously. Considerable care and reverence is observed while attending to every detail. Find wonderful religious items at the Elysian showroom, or place a special order from your own graphic renderings, drawings or models. When dealing with Elysian you get no less than perfection when selecting the statue and religious figures for your sanctuary, prayer garden or memorial.
Elysian has created many religious statues and figures through many years of service.
The miniature nativity scene (left) is a beautiful example of skillful hand-painting on cast concrete figures by Elysian artists.
Figures and statues are made in all sizes, from miniatures, to life size and larger than life.
Elysian creates special order items for individuals, churches and religious organizations of all faiths and denominations.
Special and custom orders are easy. Just call and send your specifications and plans to Elysian for a fast quote.
Christ and Lambs
Jesus and Children Created by Elysian for the Pilgrim
Lutheran School Prayer Garden $3,500.00
Height: 5'2" Width: 30"  Price: $850.00
Small Angel
Custon Cross in COncrete
Hand-painted - $450.00   Angel - $650.00 Life size Statue

4' Tall   Approximately 4' tall  
Religious Miniatures - Your choice $39 each
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