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Elysian Flower Pots - Planters - Baskets - Garden Accessories
Elysian manufactures concrete flower pots, baskets and planters in all shapes, sizes and finishes. Concrete construction far and away surpasses the lifetime expectancy of plastic and composite materials.

Professional landscapers and gardening enthusiasts come to Elysian Products on Langley Road in Houston, for the selection of unique pots and urns, that just can't be found anywhere else. Elysian's products can be stained or finished to match your theme. If you don't find exactly what you envision, you can custom order to your specs. Call or visit soon.

Many other concrete accessories are available. How about tables, benches, seating and art for your patio, pool, and outdoor settings? Elysian has it all. See examples of decorator items and more on this and other pages on the Elysian website. Elysian manufactures functional concrete tables and seating in a variety of finishes, that will look great in your garden, patio or gazebo
8 foot long commercial planters to grace your business, property or campus.
Durable, reinforced, super-strong construction @ $2,000.00 ea.
Commercial Concrete Planters
Planter pots below in plain concrete: 22 inch - $395.00 • 30 inch - $520.00
Planter pots below in Limestone: 22 inch - $495.00 • 30 inch $620.00
Variety of limestone pots
Shallow Dish Planter Terracotta Urn Lion Motif Planter Square Planter
Cup Planter $325 - painted Urn Planter Dish and Ball
Pedestal Planter Square "Woven" Planter Tree Stump
Art Character Large Basket African Mask $35.00 - Painted $70.00
Happy Budda Accessories by Elysian Garden Cherub
Face of Truth Garden Pagoda $170.00 Unpainted $100.00 Terracotta tapered pot
33'' tall, 30'' top, 20'' bottom
$350.00 - $400.00 delivered Terracota planter
Shallow bowl with pedestal below 6 foot in diameter x 30 inches deep
plain concrete:
$1,350 - Your choice of available colors: $1,500 in
Shallow boul planter
Table and Benches - Hand Painted Finish
  Call Elysian Products today! Buy one of our "divine inspirations!"
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